Thursday, September 17, 2009

A trip down memory lane...

Last Tuesday, shortly after I woke up, I remembered/realized it was 9/15. I felt like it was a date to remember, but could not place it. It was my due date. It was the very much anticipated date, the date I waited for for over eight months! The day was just like any other day. It came and went, with nothing to remember, not even a contraction!

Since Tuesday, I keep remembering all the things we did just before Ari was born, all the thoughts going through my head before the big day. I distinctly remember thinking I want to sleep; I need to sleep really late, one last time! I knew I would not be getting much sleep, but, oh boy, I so did not know what it would really be like! I tried to sleep late, but just could not, probably due to the labor jitters.

Two years ago, right about now, we arrived at the hospital for an induction. In hind sight, the induction was not necessary. The OB left it up to me and I was freaking out because the baby was not moving as much as she used to. Now I know a lot more than I knew back then. Every now and then, I feel guilty for having put the two of us through unnecessary hell: her heart tones decreasing over and over again, mine increasing, my low pressure decreasing... Freakin' pitosin and epidural, how much I dislike them... They are great drugs for the times when they are necessary, but they are so over used. But that is another post for another day.

So, back to memory lane, pitosin was started at 9pm. For about an hour and a half, it was a piece of cake. Tiny, almost unnoticeable contractions.

At 10:30, I said yes to breaking my water so that things would progress. That is when labor really started, no doubt! A yoga ball and a bottle of water to put pressure on my back became my best friends!

Around 1am, things got really scary and unbareable. I will never forget the never-ending contraction that lasted about five minutes. My room filled up with nurses. Someone put an oxygen mask on me. Everyone telling me to get on my side. I said I could not move. A nurse said I had to for my baby.

After that hell, I agreed to an epidural. After an idiot trying to put in the epidural three times, a real anesthesiologist did it quickly and without it causing me pain. That made me feel better, but my baby was still in distress, lots of distress. My blood pressure started getting dangerously low.

After three hours of hell and scares, it was time to push. The longest hour of my life began. Everyone said I was doing so well. I felt like the baby was never coming out. Pushing was, by far, the most intense workout of my entire life!

At 5:31am, on September 18, 2007, Arianna Janette was born. What a releaf! She was here, safe and sound. She was immediately placed on my chest. I held her close and cried and cried...

About 20-30 minutes after she was born, we breastfed for the first time. I so did not know what I was doing! Fortunately, Ari did very well. Eventually, it became very painful due to her being tongue-tied, but those first two days were great.

Long story short: it was totally worth it. I have my precious girl and she is fine, despite all the scares. But, please, learn from my experience. Research, research, research... Ask lots of questions. Educate yourself. Let nature do its thing, so long as you and your baby are healthy. If something comes up and the baby needs to come out, sign up for an induction or a c-section yesterday. They can save lives. But, otherwise, hold your horses! Labor and delivery will be much more manageable that way, believe me!

On a different topic, my daughter just began an Elmo obsession. God help me!

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  1. Happy Birthday Ari!!!!! Wow, has it really already been 2 years?? I hope she has a wonderful day!!!

    And I TOTALLY second the hold your horses thing. I agreed to an induction for no reason, let the OB break my water, and therefore needed an epi! THEN..a c-section!!!!

    But, after that not only did I VBAC (yeah!!), I went into labor naturally, let nature take it's course, and my baby arrived on HER terms! Everything from labor to recovery was easier!

    And like you said, research, research, research, mixed with a little patience!