Monday, March 7, 2011

Preschoolers throw the best birthday parties ever!

My birthday was yesterday. Geeky Entrepreneur is working on a huge, time-sensitive project so I had anticipated that Ari and I would be on our own for the day. It turns out that my brother needed a sitter for a few hours. Sounded good to me; Ari would get to play with her cousin!

This is how we celebrated my birthday!

The kids wanted to play with playdough. Ari chose pink and my nephew chose purple.

Next thing I know, they come over with playdough cakes, playdough candles, they are singing happy birthday, and they are cutting pieces of playdough cake for me to eat!

They did this a few times. They then chased each other for a while. We played hide and seek. We had pizza, grapes and orange juice for lunch. They thoroughly trashed my living room, but I had a great, unforgettable birthday! It was very cute, just priceless!

On Saturday, Geeky Entrepreneur wanted to celebrate my birthday. He wanted to get Ari involved. We went out for lunch and then Ari and Daddy went to get me a surprise. Ari came back with a huge smile, a big hug, a loud "surprise" and a piece of yummy chocolate espresso cake! What a cute and sweet family I have!

I think I will remember when I turned 28 for a while!

What celebrations have your children enjoyed recently? Ari is a big fan of Halloween, Christmas, Valentine's Day, and birthdays. She is already planning her Dora birthday party!

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