Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Multiple Personalities of Amor Chiquito

I think I mentioned a while back that Amor Chiquito was an elephant for a while. Every few weeks she becomes something different, usually an animal. This has been going on for at least four months now.

She makes the animal sound occasionally.

She talks about how such and such animal may or may not eat whatever we are having for dinner.

She talks about how such and such animal does not wear clothes, but she is a dolphin that gets to wear clothes and mittens!

This is the list so far:
Elephant for most of December.
Kitty cat for most of January, I think.
Sister jaguar for over a month (Go Diego Go).
Fairy for about three weeks, after Nana brought her a fairy costume.
Pink dolphin as of last Monday.

I think I got them all. Oh, every now and then she says she is a mermaid when she is in the tub.

Funny, fascinating stuff!

I wonder how much of this is because it is developmentally appropriate, because she comes from a crazy family with puppets and talking monkeys, or because she is simply a very silly and creative kid!

Does your child do this every now and then? Tell me some funny stories!

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