Sunday, March 27, 2011

All about Amor Chiquito: stories, funny statements and games

Lots of funny Ari stories, statements and games this week. Here they are, in no particular order:

One of our favorite restaurants, Bertucci’s, an Italian restaurant, is very child-friendly. Ari always gets paper, three crayons, and a piece of dough. We keep the crayons in the car for days when Ari needs/wants something to keep her entertained. The other day she was using her crayons and she said, “The crayons live in Bertucci’s.” I think she was talking about where they came from. Funny how she knows many verbs, but does not use all of them properly.

The other day we were in the car, driving to a yummy pizza restaurant. Ari said, “Mommy dolphin, I hungry!” She insists that she is a pink dolphin and that we are a dolphin family! I wonder what type of family we will be next.

Daddy told Amor Chiquito to go to him so they could brush teeth and get ready for bed. She was in the process of delivering my water bottle to me. She said “daddy, be patient.” We laughed for a while that time!

We were driving home and Ari was asking me repeatedly if she could play with our neighbor’s child, if the little girl was home, etc. Daddy has been thinking about using the “energy drain” concept that the Love and Logic series talks about. Basically, if the child is not listening/does not stop doing X, mom/dad loses energy and can’t play/do fun things. The child needs to restore Dad’s energy somehow. I have mixed feelings about this approach, but that is a post for another day. It seems to me that she does not get it yet. Maybe she is not ready. Maybe we can explain it better. I am not sure which one is true.

Back to the story, Daddy told Ari that if she kept repeating herself, I was going to lose a lot of energy and so I would not be able to call the neighbor to ask if her child could come over.

Two minutes later, Ari was asking again, but she was addressing Daddy this time.

Daddy: Oh, Ari, mommy is losing energy.

Ari: I not talking to her. I talking to you!

What? You didn’t know a 3-year-old could be a smart ass?! I have been starting to see a fair bit of that lately! Pretty funny stuff!

We have an area for shoes. Everyone’s shoes “live” there. Ari forgot/chose not to take her shoes off (I don’t know which it was). She was walking upstairs and Daddy stopped and asked about the shoes. Her response: Daddy, the shoes live upstairs sometimes!

Again, 3-year-old smart ass!

We have a new game. It is the train game. Ari is first, followed by Daddy, his hands on her shoulders. I am last. I put my hands on Daddy. We run at the same time, from the living room, through the dining room, to the kitchen, and back, over and over again. Ari loves it. It is uncomfortable for us grownups because we have to bend, seeing as how she is just over three feet tall and Daddy is almost six feet! But we can do it a few times and it makes her very happy!

Lastly, did you know that our car has the ability to sing? I knew Toyota Corollas are awesome, but I didn’t know they could sing! The other day our “car” sang the ABC song to us! It was Amor Chiquito, of course, singing in a very deep, silly voice!

Have I mentioned lately that I am thoroughly loving this age?! I really love to see her learning how to do new things, learning new words, exploring, figuring out what she loves to do, listening to her talk about how she would love to do such and such, but we can’t do it right now for whatever reason. I even love to see her challenging boundaries and working on conflict resolution because it gives me a glimpse of her true personality. So far, what I see is a little girl who is loving, compassionate, very persistent, but who can back off when it is necessary. I also see a little girl who is willing to compromise but who is also learning to say no. I am heavily biased, but, so far, it looks good!

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