Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Review: Paragard (copper IUD)

*** This is my opinion, based on my experience with the copper IUD for the past three years. ***

A little bit about it:

It is a hormone-free contraception option.

It can stay in for ten years.

A provider needs to insert it and remove it.

If I remember correctly, it is not recommended for women who do not have children.


It is hormone-free.

It is as close to permanent and worry-free as you get. You can forget about contraception for ten years.


The insertion process is uncomfortable, even with a very gentle provider.

I experienced longer and heavier periods. When you tend to have short cycles, it can be very annoying.

Not to get graphic, but it can hurt when you have intercourse. You never know what's going to work!

It can affect lubrication.

The string can poke your partner. To be fair, this did not happen all the time, just a few.

(Who's blushing?!)

The biggest con for me was an ethical issue. In theory, you can conceive and the IUD would keep the embryo from implanting in the uterus. I have researched this and have asked multiple providers. There is no way to know how frequently this may happen. I am not going to get into the pro life or pro choice issue here. But I will say this: this really bothered us and I will not be using an IUD again. Was I ready to get pregnant during the past three years? No. Would I want to miscarry if I did get pregnant? Absolutely not.

Since I brought it up, I know you're wondering... Yes, I am IUD-free. We are in the process of deciding if we are going to try for #2. We are leaning in a certain direction, but we need a little more time and so I am not ready to share yet.

As for our choice for birth control if we decide we're done or after a pregnancy, we're leaning towards the diaphragm. More on that another time. I have an 'elephant' who would like to play!

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