Sunday, December 19, 2010

My stay in the basement today!

So, I was in the basement, on the elliptical and doing laundry. When I went downstairs, Geeky Entrepreneur was playing a video game. Ari was with my mother.

When I finished on the elliptical and walked up the stairs, I realized the door was locked!

Some fun facts:
I almost never get signal down there.
My battery was down to two bars.
I usually bring the cordless phone, but I didn't today.
I was able to call Geeky Entrepreneur, but he didn't pick up.

So, there I was, thinking! I called my mom. Maybe he left to go get Ari. I was right. There he was, being a cute daddy, having a blast with his kid, at my mom's!

Here is the deal. Any time he walks by the door to our basement, if it's not locked, he locks it, so his kid won't fall down the stairs and all that. Awesome, ain't it?! But, wait, the child wasn't home! And, wait, the wife was down there, and he knew that! He even admits that he called my name to tell me he was leaving. Somehow, after trying to talk to me, "auto pilot" took over and he locked the door!

I told him he's sleeping in the car tonight! And I said he's pretty freakin' lucky that that is not a phobia of mine! Actually, I was laughing about it almost the whole time!

The best part? My adorable child had a word with him, multiple times!

"Daddy, that not nice. You need to be nice to mommy. You need to say you're sorry."

Everybody has had a blast with my stay at the Basement Hotel! My sister just called and asked "how was your stay at that awesome hotel?"

What a day! I bake him banana bread and bread pudding! I make sure he sleeps in because he is sick. I am taking care of logistics so I can keep him company at the hospital when he has gallbladder surgery this Thursday. And the man locks me in the basement! But I still love him!

Moral of the story: my husband is not allowed to take Nightquil!

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