Wednesday, April 28, 2010

One more point for vinegar!

This is going to sound pretty crunchy, but I love vinegar! It is simply awesome! It is useful for so many tasks.

The latest in crunchy land: vinegar as a body odor remover.

When we were expecting Amor Chiquito, we began buying free and clear detergent to wash her clothes. Eventually, I started using it for all our clothes. I have never been into using fabric softeners because I am not a fan of strong smells. Most of them make me sneeze. There are enough allergens already making me sneeze, so why make it worse? The downside to using a free and clear detergent is that the detergent I have been using sometimes does not remove body odor completely. I do not recall where I got the idea, but I figured I would try adding a cup of vinegar to the large loads.

No more stinky undershirts! No strong vinegar odor afterwords either. In fact, Geeky Entrepreneur had no idea I was using it until I mentioned it. Yes, he picked on me, of course! What else is new?!


  1. I do this too. Vinegar is also a natural fabric softener, so you can add a cup to the rinse & it won't mess up the absorbency of towels & cloth diapers like the chemical fabric softeners do. It's also a great carpet shampoo (mix with hot water, run in regular shampooer or steam instead of cleaning solution - it cleans & removes the residues that trap more dirt).

  2. Hmmmm, I may need to try that! We use Free and Clear, why not add some vinegar! Thanks!