Monday, April 19, 2010

Learning Names

I don’t know why I did not think of this sooner. So be it. Last weekend, I had a talk with Amor Chiquito about her name. For a long time, she responds to “Ari” and if you ask her what her name is, she would respond “Ari.”On Saturday, I told her that her name is Arianna. I then asked her her name and it was clear that she got it.

Still working on the last name. The name and last name together are too much for her right now.

I also told her about our names. My guess is that she knows them, but Geeky Entrepreneur and I call each other nicknames most of the time, so, just in case…

Here is our conversation:

Me: What is your name?
Ari: Ayianna.
Me: What is daddy’s name?
Ari: Poh.
Me: What is mommy’s name?
Ari: I don’t know! (insert silly gestures here!)
Me: My name is Johanna. What is my name?
Ari: Jajanna!

Poor kid! She has such a hard time saying my name she doesn’t even want to try! Every little kid I’ve met has a hard time saying my name. Consequently, I often become Anna for a while!

Oh, by the way, this must be a mommy thing, but I love hearing her say her name! She sounds adorable! She says it with such enthusiasm, like she loves her name!

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  1. HAHA! So true! One day I told Nahum my name and he started laughing!