Monday, April 19, 2010

Me boy too!

Learning about one’s gender and what that means is a tricky thing! Here are some stories for you. Some of them will probably make you laugh!

Saturday night, Amor Chiquito pointed at her girl parts and said the Spanish word my mother taught her. She then said that Jai, her cousin has girl parts too! I explained that Jai has a penis because he is a boy and that her parts are different because she is a girl. She was very upset and persistent. She said “no, Ari boy, Ari boy, Ari boy too.”

On Sunday, Amor Chiquito and Jai hung out with my mother. My mother, hoping to reproduce Saturday night’s conversation asked Ari if she is a girl or a boy. Amor Chiquito happily said “Ari is boy!”

Mom: Ari, you are a girl.
Ari: No, no, no, me boy!
Mom: No, Ari, you are a pretty girl!
Ari: No, Ari pretty boy!

We picked up Amor Chiquito and on the way home I was sharing the story with Geeky Entrepreneur. She said she is a boy for the nth time. Geeky Entrepreneur told her only girls wear dresses. He figured that way she would be ok with being a girl! But, no, it did not work. She does not give a damn about social norms! She said “boy dress too”!

Here is the funniest story of them all! My brother is teaching his son to pee standing and to use the toilet rather than the potty-chair. My mom decided that if that is the case he will pee in the tub instead! She had back surgery a few months ago, so cleaning her bathroom floor many times a day because the little one can’t point the right way is not doable for her right now.

So the story… Amor Chiquito saw Jai peeing. She got in the tub an attempted to pee the way Jai does! She even tried to grab something, except there was nothing to grab because she is a girl! Sorry, kid, you don’t have a penis! Hopefully your penis envy will go away soon!

Precious! I could not stop laughing!

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  1. Wow, that is so funny! Nahum told me I was a boy, so this gender thing is tricky! Must be cause of my short hair???