Saturday, April 24, 2010

Language Update: She won't shut up!

I was looking back at old posts and I was surprised when I realized how much language development we have been witnessing the past month. A month ago, Amor Chiquito was just beginning to say short sentences. Now, she is saying sentences all the time and her sentences often consist of over five words.

A few examples:

Mommy, we are in a big house.

I want Daddy come back now. (He was at work.)

(We were driving.) Daddy, otro (Spanish for other) car stopped again?!

Amor Chiquito understands “you,” “I” and “me” now. Fortunately, she still says “hold you”! I know she will figure it out eventually. I am enjoying it while it lasts!

Amor Chiquito is beginning to learn about the difference between the present and the past tenses. For example, if we ask her to do something she has already done, she will say “I did mommy.”

She is doing better answering simple questions, such as what, who and where. She does not answer why questions yet.

Pretty cool stuff! Have I said that I am loving this stage?!

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