Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Review: BabyBjorn Little Potty

I got this potty chair for car trips and for the times when we spend the night away from home.

For a picture and reviews, check out this link:

small, portable

easy to clean

feels sturdy, does not feel like it will break easily

only $13, rather than $28 like the other two potties


The splashguard is useless, despite the fact there is no penus involved! I guess this means I would not recommend it for boys? I guess it depends on how well your little one knows how to point, as my mommy puts it!

It is extremely low and does not have back support, so it doesn't look comfortable. Then again, if you only plan on using it two or three days a month when you go to grandma's, this is not a big issue.

Overall, I am happy with it. I have had an intimate relationship with baby poop for over 15 months thanks to cloth diapers and being visually impaired, so a few drops of pee do not scare me! :)

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