Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Early Intervention Update

Wow, I neglected my blog again… I just realized I had not posted in over three weeks. I hope to make up for it in the next week!

Here is the early intervention evaluation update.

The re-evaluation took place yesterday. Three people came out: the woman who comes every week, a speech pathologist, and an occupational therapist.

Amor Chiquito did very well. She was not extremely shy at the beginning, as she typically is. I am guessing this might have been because she knows one of the three people well.

We are continuing services because of a delay in receptive and expressive language. Amor Chiquito has many words and says two-word phrases. However, at this point, she should be saying three or four-word phrases. She is able to answer some questions, like “what is that?” But she is not able to answer questions like “who is that for?”

Another thing we will be working on is motor planning. Basically, Amor Chiquito knows what she wants to say, but the words either do not make it out of her mouth or, if they do, they are hard to understand. Also, she has a hard time repeating unfamiliar sounds.

We will be getting a hearing test to find out if there is a hearing issue. Hearing loss could affect language development.

Amor Chiquito has a strong personality. In other words, she is one stubborn kid! So, if she does not feel like doing something because she wants to do something else, she just won’t! For example, she was asked to hug her stuffed animal. We know she understands “hug” and “kiss.” But she did not feel like it, so it did not happen! She lost some points, so to speak, due to her stubbornness! To be honest, I cannot throw stones!

Amor Chiquito did well in the other areas. Here is the quick version:
Receptive and expressive language: 21 months
Cognitive: 23 months
Social and gross motor: 26 months
Fine motor: 31 months
Self care (average of toileting, bathing and feeding): 34 months

We will be seeing the woman we have been seeing next week. I will get some tips from her on how to help Amor Chiquito with cognition. The speech pathologist will give us yet more tips on how we can help Amor Chiquito.

Apparently, early intervention shares our info with our town’s school system and a spot at preschool is held for Amor Chiquito in case she still needs services after she turns three.

I must go on a rant about how difficult it is for a child to qualify for services, but I will do that at another time. My mother just had surgery and I want to make her a chicken soup before Amor Chiquito wakes up.


  1. Hmmm...David's speech doesn't sound that much better and I don't think that he can answer the question of "who is that for."

    He still qualified for PT at his last evaluation due to the delay in his gross motor skills.

    Will have to see what happens once we move.

  2. This guy has higher expectations for girls. He kept saying things like "especially being a girl..." I don't know how accurate that is, if it is a myth or a fact, etc. If he is right, then The Boy is probably fine. I hope the move goes as smoothly as a move can go. And, most importantly, I hope your little guy goes home tomorrow so you can enjoy Thanksgiving with him!

  3. How much of a delay must a child have to qualify for services in NJ. In MA, it is 30% of the child's age. More on that later...!