Sunday, November 29, 2009

Mischief and cuteness...!

Amor Chiquito does many silly things and gets into interesting mischief often. So much that I would like to remember, many memories I would like to keep. But I quickly forget, so I will write about it so that in the future we can look back and laugh.

Ink on microfiber, anyone?! While I went to the bathroom this morning, she wrote on two of our dining chairs. This I could do without, really. But the next few stories are pretty funny, in my biased opinion.

Amor Chiquito stole one of my Activia yogurts. She was doing a great job eating at first. At one point, I got busy on the computer and, suddenly, I realized it was too quiet. That is always a sign that serious mischief is taking place! Her arms were covered in yogurt, from her shoulders to her fingertips!

Amor Chiquito has recently decided that she loves cats, stuffed ones and real ones. She named her stuffed cat Anna. She brings the cat everywhere.

Amor Chiquito loves going to see her uncle’s cat. She mentions him every day. “Tat, meow, Bobby.” She pets him and any stupid thing the cat does makes her smile.

We just came home from visiting my mother at the hospital. Amor Chiquito said “oh no, tat, Bobby.” Who wants to go home when there is a cat to see and pet?

The irony in this is that I could care less about cats. Heck, I will be honest; I hate them! They almost have the ability to kill me! I have ended up in the ER thanks to them. I remember one time we went to see the in-laws. We ended up running to a walk-in clinic because I could not breathe and the swelling on my mouth was extending, getting closer and closer to my throat. I ended up getting a Benadryl shot and a Pregnazone script. Basically, if I want to spend a long night with asthma, I need only spend 30 minutes at a place where there is a cat.

But, back to stories on the little one… She is obsessed with Elmo and Barney, Barney more so at the moment. She grabs our hands, starts to sing the “I love you” song in her own little way, and starts to dance with us. She much prefers that the three of us dance together. The song gets old fast, but I love the moments when the three of us spend time and laugh together. It’s the little things in life, as they say.

Amor Chiquito knows the alphabet now. She likes to look at signs and name the letters she sees.

Amor Chiquito recently learned the difference between shoes and boots. The other day she insisted that all three of us wear boots! She has been wearing her new boots every day since then.

Like every other parent of a two-year-old, we go through the “put your coat on” fight every day. The minute we put our coats on, she starts saying “hot, hot.” The ironic thing is that she loves her hat and mittens. Silly kid!

More later… A child is looking for some before-bed mommy milk...

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