Thursday, October 29, 2009

An update on us...

I had not blogged in ages. Ok, that is not true! It had been 10 days!

Last week, I was not in a good place. Several things went wrong. And, to be honest, I was feeling pretty down, but, there is no way in hell I was going to blog about how I kept feeling that my life sucked. Why? Because I know that was my I'm-depressed perspective. I know that is not true. There are too many parents out there whose kids never came home, little ones out there fighting to stay alive, etc. If I ever post something that stupid, you have permission to give me a virtual kick!

If you are curious, here is the list:

All three of us had bad, can't sleep colds. No, I don't think it was/is swine flu.

Three days in a row, Ari would not nap. Have I ever mentioned how much I need that break, the me-time to enjoy a shower, exercise, go on the computer...?

Several nights, Ari would wake up at two or three am and was unable to fall back asleep for the next four to five hours.

So, she was sleeping six to eight hours a day. Serious sleep deprivation for all...

I called the pediatrician, and, a week later, I am still waiting for her referral to someone who can help us. Very unlike her. At least things are better in the sleep department now.

My father, who is chronically ill, had pneumonia.

There is someone in my family who is very much into gossip and drama and is causing a great deal of trouble and pain. Damn it, why can’t people grow up?

The kicker... We are suspicious/afraid that someone I love very dearly is doing drugs. I will not say more about that here, but, needless to say, I am heart-broken and feeling helpless, as there is not a thing I can do, other than offer support if/when he needs it. I so wish I could wake up one morning and know, for sure, that, no, there is no or no longer a drug problem.

The family stuff is still there, but we are healthy (well, Geeky Entrepreneur is still working on it) and I am doing my best to stay positive. I owe it to my child, my husband and myself. Exercising for 20 to 30 minutes every day is helping. And, I am getting more sleep! That's a big one!

I have considered anti-depressants, but I rather try "crunchy" things before I opt to go there. So, if you have any suggestions, I am all ears! For now, I am drinking nasty chamomile tea! It is probably not doing crap, but I figured I will give it a try for a while longer.

Onto positive stuff…

Amor Chiquito is only using two diapers a day, one for naptime and one if we go out. She is starting to ask for the potty when we are out or peeing when we come home.

We have many phrases now! Her favorites: "mano (hand) teti," teti mouth," "mas teti," "daddy baby."

As you can tell, many of her phrases have to do with breastfeeding. She is still very much into it and I have no idea when she will wean herself. We night-weaned. But I am fine with daytime breastfeeding. I can see her breastfeeding until she is three. Actually, I will be surprised if she weans herself before then.

Amor Chiquito loves to point at herself and say "daddy baby"! I love it! Too cute!

Amor Chiquito is learning about puzzles and about animal sounds. Thanks, Yaminette!

She is also learning letters. Thanks for the blocks, Liz! She loves to stack them and name the letters she knows. Her favorite part is to knock them over, of course!

Amor Chiquito is very much enjoying drawing and playing with play dough.

I think that is about it... Time to nurse the baby for the last time and hope she goes to sleep. Speaking of, I can't believe she does not have a baby face anymore! I can't believe my baby is no longer a "baby"! I guess maybe I should stop calling her “the baby?” We’ll see...


  1. I'm a big fan of three ways to deal with depression: 1) exercise, 2) keeping a busy schedule so I don't have a lot of down time to stew, and 3) making music. Singing, particularly, is great for the soul If you can, find a Sweet Adelines chapter near your house and go singing for a night!

  2. St John's wort does it for some. I tried it once and I felt worse. Tea for Mood has it in there.

    I'm so sorry to hear that lots of stuff is going wrong. It's crappy. We are going through that too but also can't really talk about it.

    And congrats on the PTing!!!!

  3. I know how you feel... lately I have been meditating and will send you a link (it is easier than it sounds) and it makes you feel good!