Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Realization regarding our eating habbits...

As I have written before, we are trying to eat healthier. The other day I realized something that made me happy and that shows we are making progress.

Everything in this house is whole grains, except white rice.

We only buy wholewheat bread. Stop & Shop wholewheat bread makes delicious French toasts.

There is now only wholewheat pasta in our home.

We recently started eating English muffins, the double fiber, wholewheat kind by Thomas. They have a bit of honey in them. They are quite yummy.

When we snack on crackers, it's Triscuits or All Bran crackers.

I am trying to get the family to eat more brown rice, but Ari isn't too thrilled and Geeky Entrepreneur isn't much into it either. I am not worried about it because everything else is whole grains.

So, again, one more step in the transition to crunchiness!


  1. A STEP towards crunchiness? Now now - we are quite clearly sliding headlong into it. My God Woman - even our snack food is healthy!

    How long before we slide into vegetarianism or... shudder... veganism?

  2. Lol! Nope, not going there! I like real cheese, thank you very much! And, I can't live without chicken!

  3. I tried Yaminette's vegan cheese. No offense, Yami, but that was nothing like real cheese! I insist: I will never ever go vegan!

  4. Try brown rice noodles in place of brown rice. David can't get enough of them. One of these days I'll make a video of him eating noodles. He holds them up over his head as if he personally hunted them down and speared them.

  5. Lol, that is too funny! Can't wait to see the video!