Wednesday, October 7, 2009

A few stories...

Here are a few stories about Amor Chiquito...

Last night, Amor Chiquito was singing. Her microphone was a toy hotdog!

Earlier today, Amor Chiquito did not want the diaper I was going to put on because it was “friea” (cold). She took off, butt-naked, and sat on her toy car. Amor Chiquito said the following: “Ari, cah, bye-bye”!

A little while ago, Amor Chiquito was at Abuela’s. We have a one-disposable-diaper/day-at-Abuela’s policy. Amor Chiquito needed some boundaries in that regard. She peed on her disposable and wanted another one. Abuela said there were no more disposables.

Picture the following:
A little girl running in circles, saying “no, no, no, pappo, pappo, pappo”!!!

Pappo = disposable diaper.

I am extremely biased, but she is too funny!

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  1. The microphone thing is clearly from that Very Bad Influence: PBS's Sid the Science Kid [grin].