Saturday, October 31, 2009


Amor Chiquito has been quite mischivious today!

She wanted to have Teddy Grahams for breakfast. Geeky Entrepreneur said "first bread, then cookies." She looked and pointed at me and said "mommy"! Too bad, kid, you were screwed no matter who you talked to!

Later on, at my mother's house, Ari brought me a pickup truck and said "peepee." I said "peepee in the potty." She said "no, peepee" and handed me the pickup truck. I still didn't get it! (Reminder: my eyesight is terrible!) I put my hand in there and, well, my fingers were swimming in baby pee!

That was not an accident, by any means! That was mischief! Amor Chiquito knew there was a potty in the bathroom. She has used it dozens of times. That was experimentation. That was creativity at its best!

I give her credit for the creativity, but I did tell her that peepee only goes in the potty, not in cars!

Usually, Geeky Entrepreneur loves to celebrate Halloween, but he is not feeling well and does not want to risk getting anyone infected. I could care less about Halloween. So, the only celebrating here is that Ari got to enjoy a bag of mini m&m's. It was the first time ever she had them. Amor Chiquito loved them! She wanted more, infact.

Now, Amor Chiquito wants cookies for dinner, just like this morning. We settled on "first rice, then cookies." We'll give her six Teddy Grahams or so. Mean, I know! But, you must admit, I did keep my end of the deal!

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