Monday, April 20, 2009

It was great while it lasted...

Saturday night was just a teaser. Yesterday, Sunday, she did not nap. In the evening, she was falling asleep while nursing, but, once in the crib, she would not fall asleep. She played for quite some time. She fell asleep the second time around without much trouble.

Since then, she has woken up 3 times, every hour or so. It's 2:30am and we've been up for about 2 hours trying to figure out what is going on. We have done the usual: offer breast milk, sing, walk, rub her back… She just cries and cries… Diaper is ok. She did not seem hot or cold. Nothing different, other than the fact that she seems to be coming down with the same nasty cold I have.

We have been taking turns. I was at a loss, so I asked Daddy to cosleep tonight. I'd do it, but I'm sneezing every 5 minutes. Did not want to risk waking her up. She was falling asleep with her arm around me. When Daddy came in, I said "sleepy time with Daddy." She got very upset and started crying. She would not stop crying no matter what he did, said, what song he sang…

So, scratch that idea… She did not seem cold to me, but I figured I'd put a sweater on her, basically, just to try something. Daddy took her, sang the song, walked her around, and put her in the crib. He is still in there, but she is not crying. Good sign. I'm hoping that she is either asleep or that she will be soon and that we get at least 4 hours.

Oh, we gave her the decongestant tonight. It makes her sleepy. Guess what? Whether it makes her sleepy or not is irrelevant. So, moral of the story, don't ever think that giving your baby something that will make her/him sleepy will assure a good night sleep.

I hope you're sleeping better than us tonight!

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