Saturday, April 11, 2009

The Adventures of Amor Chiquito

Just like last week, I am blanking out! But the teeth will be coming through soon and hopefully more sleep for us will come soon too!

Amor Chiquito can open Abuela's fridge. She loves to look in the fridge and grab things, particularly the little cups of fruit that Abuela feeds her.

She enjoys grabbing our keys and pretending she will unlock doors with them. Her bedroom door does not lock and you can't unlock doors with keys when you are in the house, but never you mind that!

Abuela, Amor Chiquito, and I went shoe shopping the other day. Amor Chiquito wanted to keep trying on shoes! She was not pleased about returning the shoes that did not fit! She did not want to wear her shoes, after seeing all the different shoes at the store!

She also enjoys wearing her new clothes! A few days back, she saw her new pajamas, took off her shirt, started trying to put on the shirt, came to me for help, and later let me know that she wanted the tag to come off.

She is doing something very cute – I say "hugs" and I put my arms out. She runs over and puts her head on my chest and hugs me. I say "hugs for Daddy" and she runs over and hugs him.

Even cuter – she just started opening her arms, waiting for us to go over and hug her!

Every now and then, she will come over and hug our legs, or whatever she can reach!

Have I mentioned how awesome it is to wake up in the mornings to your child calling "mommy, mommy, mommy…"! No alarm clock can beat that!

We went out for breakfast this morning and I was noticing how well behaved she was. She happily sat on her chair for a while. She played with my keys while we waited for our food. She enjoyed her asiago bread and her cold water. I did not realize at first, or, I took it for granted, but people are right – our daughter is a happy, sweet, adventuresome, well-behaved child. We have had bad restaurant episodes, of course, but, typically, this happens when she is tired. So we do our best to avoid putting ourselves in that situation.

Lately, she seems to be going through a phase where she is not very thrilled about Mommy leaving her. Typically, she is thrilled to stay at Abuela's, so this is unusual. I realized that I have not spent much time with her lately. In fact, I realized that I had not even fed her much during the last two days. I am wrapping up my last semester and so I have been quite busy with school. I am very much looking forward to being done for many reasons, the main reason being that I am missing spending time at home with my Amor Chiquito.

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