Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Adventures of Amor Chiquito

Here is the weekly update on what Amor Chiquito is up to!

One of her favorite things to do these days is to bring her chair to the kitchen door. Once there, she stands on the chair and works on trying to figure out how to unlock and open the door. She has not succeeded yet. I am happy about that, for now.

Another thing she loves to do is to sit on the floor with her activity table. She puts a pillow against the wall, sits on the floor resting her back on the pillow, and puts the table in front of her. I kept wondering who she was imitating. It turns out that when the Crazy Entrepreneur is in her room waiting for her to fall asleep, he sits on the floor with his laptop and a pillow behind his back. Like father like daughter!

Amor Chiquito also enjoys dancing and clapping any chance she gets! She dances to any song, any commercial, standing, sitting, even while lying down! The Crazy Entrepreneur loves to dance with her! Very cute! Any time she sees other people clapping, she claps too. If we say "muy bien" or "good job," she claps, just like we do! She claps whether we clap or not!

I got her her first swimming pool this week! She is enjoying dragging it around the house and sitting in it, even though there is no water in there. A few days back, we were going out and she wanted to bring the pool with her!

When we change her diaper, she almost always wants a wipe. She either uses it to wipe herself or she wipes down the coffee table with it! If she feels the wipe is not doing the job, she pores some of her water on the coffee table to ensure it is cleaned properly! Yes, the wood is getting damaged! Oh well, bigger things in life to worry about.

She loves washing her hands. She also loves drying them. If you do not offer her the towel, she will go get it and bring it to you! If the towel is not there, she gets frustrated! Today, I showed her that it is ok; she can dry her hands with a paper towel instead.

She loves putting diapers on her, I mean, her father's, stuffed animals (more on the stuffies later!). She just asked for help to put her pink spring jacket on Momo, her favorite stuffie.

Once Momo was in the jacket, she went around the house with groceries in her little shopping cart and Momo on her hip, just like we carry her!

We have a new word: "anana" (banana)!

She is getting quite good at spoon feeding herself. She loves doing so. In fact, she prefers to feed herself than to have a grownup do so.

Teeth 14 and 15 are coming through any day now. We are having rough nights again because of this, but we are almost 75% of the way there. I am not complaining. Teething will be done soon.

She is getting into mischief and the Crazy Entrepreneur is cooking, so I must run!

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