Saturday, March 21, 2009

The Adventures of Amor Chiquito

I have decided that I will post an Amor Chiquito update every week. She is doing so many new, cute things!

Here are the highlights of this week:

She learned how to put her pants on.

She also learned how to take them off! So, this means that she is now able to completely strip while in the crib, which, by the way, she loves to do! I guess it is her way of protesting or keeping herself entertained when she is not ready or interested in going to sleep.

She grabbed my deodorant and put it under her arm, as though she was about to put some on!

She said "mamos" (nos vamos, Spanish for we are going). One morning, she said, "mommy, uh mamo," and handed me the car keys!

Shoes are "shooshoos," sucks are "sus," and sweater is "sehseh."

She got in the tub on her own once.

I gave her her breakfast and she said, "cheejios."

She enjoyed scribbling on Abuela's (Spanish for grandma) notebook today.

A sweet story:

I am visually impaired, very low vision. Here is a brief description of what I can/cannot see: I can tell if someone is wearing light/dark colors, pants/skirt, etc. But I can't tell people's eye color, cannot see birthmarks, etc., unless they are essentially right on my face. I can recognize familiar buildings, so I can get around well in areas that I know. I have no depth perception whatsoever, so I tend to not notice when I need to step down.

I am lucky in that, while my vision is very limited, I am able to see Amor Chiquito's gorgeous, big, brown eyes.

So, the story… Amor Chiquito had been playing with my cell phone. She likes looking at the picture of herself and saying "Aid," for Ari, her nickname. I had no idea where she left it, so I asked her to please find my phone. She ran out of her room, looked around, found it at her daddy's office, ran to me, and put it in my hand.

I thanked her, hugged her for a while, and, what can I say?… I almost cried. I cannot believe that she is aware of this at such an early age, and, furthermore, that she is so understanding and helpful.

Another little story: today, at my mom's house, Amor Chiquito was wearing a hat. Abuela said, "show mommy." Amor Chiquito came over to me and put her head down, so I could touch the hat on her head.

Lastly, hearing her say "mommy" every day, many times a day is one of the coolest things ever! She started saying mommy the day of my birthday, 2 weeks ago.

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  1. Thanks Jo- it was soooo refreshing to read this entry and remind myself of how beautiful it is to be a parent (despite the hardships)!