Sunday, May 16, 2010

What did she say?!

That is what I am often thinking or saying to Geeky Entrepreneur.

Each and every single day, Amor Chiquito says something that surprises me, makes me laugh very hard, or both. Here are a few of her most recent statements:

We were having dinner. She said: “All done. I go poop.”

She was in the tub. She asked for bubbles. Geeky Entrepreneur said that we don’t have any and that we need to get some at the store. Her response: “Ok, I get it.”

On Thursday, I told Amor Chiquito we would be going to her new school the next day. Her response: “Yaaay, I’m so excited!”

As we were walking out of the school on Friday, “I want go back school!”

My all-time favorite: “I’m sooo happy!” It never gets old.

Another favorite: “Hold you me.”

Yet another one: “No got you me.”

I will love having this and other similar blog entries years from now!

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