Friday, May 21, 2010

All about our trip to Boston...

Warning: this is a long post. It is more like a diary entry, my attempt to remember some of the fun and beautiful moments I have with my Ari and the wonderful people around us!

Our trip to Boston two weeks ago was eventful, in a good way. Here are a few stories.

Geeky Entrepreneur left for San Francisco before 5:00 a.m. on Wednesday. Amor Chiquito and I visited our neighbors in the morning. It worked; she was having fun and not thinking too much about how Daddy was in an airplane, far away. I had considered not mentioning the airplane, but I decided against it. I prefer being honest with her and giving/teaching her the tools she needs to cope/manage whatever life throws her way. I am very grateful and we are very blessed that Daddy going on a business trip is one of the most stressful things she has experienced thus far.

Back to the story, around 2:00 p.m., we headed out to Boston. It was a two-hour bus ride. It went well. Amor Chiquito was fascinated. She does not remember being in a “big bus” before. She spent some time on my lap until she felt comfortable and she eventually moved to her seat.

At one point, Ari started telling me about who has which privates and who is a boy or a girl! This was a first. Last I knew, she was confused and thought/wanted to be a boy. I was grateful for all the background noise; I don’t think the other travelers would have been interested in our conversation!

One thing that did not go over so well was using the potty. The motion scared her and she just could not relax or use the potty. I was waiting for her to have an accident any minute. She made it to Boston and she went as soon as we got to the bus station.

This reminds me… Mommy forgot the night diapers! Unbelievable! Fortunately, my friend has a little one and so they shared diapers with us. Ari was ecstatic. She thinks disposables are very cool! What is different than what you have at home is clearly in, didn’t you get the memo?!

We spend the afternoon and the evening with my friend and her little one. The kids quickly felt comfortable playing together. Before we knew it, they were plotting mischief together, chasing each other, looking at each other on the mirror, playing with trains, watering the plants, etc. It was adorable!

Crunchy moment… Yaminette got me to eat a veggie burger. That was most definitely a first! It was horrible! I am never eating one again! That is why I made sure I knew what brand it was. Darn, one point for Yaminette!

Night time went better than I had anticipated. Amor Chiquito did not nap, so she fell asleep quickly. There were a few night wakings, but she went back to sleep easily and quickly.

In the morning, we took the kids to a park. They had a lot of fun.

We then had yummy Indian food for lunch! Indian food buffet, yay Boston! That is one of the few things I like about Boston: you can find whatever food you are in the mood for!

Both kids refused to nap. What a shock! This made me a bit nervous, impending long bus ride and all…

Since they would not nap, we went out for icecream and to another park. Ari went with Yaminette to get icecream and she informed Yaminette that she wanted “pint tawberry i-team pease (pink strawberry icecream please”! She enjoyed her icecream, and so did her and my clothes!

There was tons of sand in the park. My daughter decided she must enjoy the entire sand experience. So she took her shoes and socks off. By the way, she did this everywhere: on the bus, at the bus station, she has done it at restaurants…

After the park, Ari fell asleep in the car, on the way to the bus station. Exactly what I did not want to happen. That kid does not like it one bit if you wake her up! So I carried her for a while. Eventually, she woke up, walked, and did not do what she usually does. No crying for a long time. Thank you, kiddo.

You should have seen us: each carrying one kid, Yaminette with Ari’s car seat, me with a backpack and a diaper bag. I don’t even want to think about carrying all our stuff without help through the maze that is South Station. Traveling as a mama of a little one without a companion is interesting… Quite the workout!

The ride home was not bad at all. We were stuck in traffic for an hour, so it ended up being a 2.5 hour ride. Thomas and Friends kept us company for a portion of it. That is the one reason why I brought my laptop. I am glad I did.

Oh, almost forgot… We got on the bus exactly four minutes before it left. Boston traffic… Never taking the 5:00 p.m. bus again!

One more thing: for quite a while, Amor Chiquito kept asking about “otro mommy (the other mommy)” and about Yaminette’s son. She wanted them “in big bus too.” Once I explained that that was not a choice, she decided she wanted “go back otro mommy house, baby, trains.”!

Overall, the trip was awesome! I have an awesome friend and she has a kid that is cute and funny as can be! So it was worth it, all of it! We are ready to do it again!

Once we got home that evening, Amor Chiquito went to sleep very quickly.

The next morning, things went downhill from there! Amor Chiquito was missing Daddy lots. She did not sleep well. She had circles under her eyes. She cried a fair bit. She was extremely upset any time someone left. Our last night without Geeky Entrepreneur, Amor Chiquito talked my mother into staying over. My mother even slept on our bed. Somehow, it felt strange, but nice.

Saturday morning, Daddy got home around 10:30 and Ari’s world was a much better place! She was in heaven with Daddy and her two balloons! One thing I noticed: for days, each and every time Daddy was leaving the house, she would get anxious and would ask him if he was going in an airplane again. She is fine now. Every now and then, if Geeky Entrepreneur is gone for hours, she asks if he is bringing balloons! No, no such luck!

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