Sunday, May 30, 2010

Water parks are "funnn"!

Geeky Entrepreneur, Amor Chiquito and I spent two nights at the Six Flags Great Escape Lodge in Queensbury, NY, near Lake George. The hotel and the indoor water park are both in one building. Very convenient and it was a lot of fun.

There were activities for adults, for little ones, and activities that were fun for the entire family.

Here is a link that describes the water park:

Amor Chiquito enjoyed spending time at the toddler pool area. The pool is about a foot deep. There are three toddler slides and two swings in this area.

We spent a fair bit of time in the lazy river. Geeky Entrepreneur and I each sat on inflatable tubes and we took turns holding Ari. It was relaxing for us grownups and Amor Chiquito liked it, so a win win all around!

We also spent time in a 3.5” deep pool. Amor Chiquito saw other kids swimming, so she became interested in learning how to swim. She made some progress! Towards the end, she wanted to swim “all by my own self”!

There were two awesome water slides for grownups. Have I ever mentioned how much Geeky Entrepreneur and I love water slides?! We had a blast! We took turns, one of us with the “baby” and one of us going down the water slide.

There were several water gun type toys near the water slide area. Amor Chiquito had a great deal of fun squirting Daddy every time he walked by making his way to the slide!

The ride down was not bad. The ride back home was not great, but, overall, no big complaints. She is two, after all! She had one meltdown. She was tired, had just come down with a cold, and wanted to see her friends next door. Nothing a boob can’t fix! Yes, I said boob! They are magical; ask Amor Chiquito.

The meltdown in the car made us wonder if it is time for energy drains. Love and Logic, one of our favorite parenting books, talks about how you can tell your child that her actions are draining for you and that she will need to find a way to restore your energy. Nothing crazy or unreasonable. It is about empathy and consequences to our actions, just like the other ideas the book suggests. More on that in a separate post. We need to reread the energy drain chapter.


  1. The "water" is lots of fun for The Boy, too... and I've been thinking about revisiting Love & Logic again, as The Boy has been really pushing our buttons lately. Hmmm...

  2. This sounds like too much fun!!!!