Sunday, September 11, 2011

My question of the week...

Couldn't figure out what a good title would be, sorry!

My big question at the moment: just why the hell is my child almost completely uninterested in spending time with me lately?

I’ll explain. We just got back from a seven-day vacation where Ari and daddy did tons of playing together. They went to pools. They pretended they were sharks, dolphins and octopuses. We went to the beach. Ari was in heaven because she had unlimited access to her dad, which is usually not the case. Someone has to go make money, right?

Ari and I did spend time together on our vacation, just not nearly as much as her and her dad did. He is a lot funnier and creative than me, I get it. And I am fine with that, honestly. Actually, I am very happy and grateful. They have a beautiful relationship.

All that being said, now that we’re home, pretty much nothing I do interests her. Let’s do laundry together. No thanks. Let’s play. No thanks. Let’s go get some chocolate. I’ll wait with daddy in the car. Let’s get you in the bath. A big, persistent no.

All day, all her and I have done together is have lunch and talk about her upcoming birthday party. Very unusual. I miss my baby and daddy is exhausted and craving quiet time.

We’ve talked to her about it and all we can get out of her is “I want to be with my daddy.”

I know this will pass. I know it’s not a big deal. I know it’s only a matter of days. I just wonder why it happens.

I keep reminding myself that this is nothing, but nearly weepy premenstrual me forgets sometimes. Damn hormones! They’re totally not working in my favor at the moment. They don’t want me getting pregnant and they make me want to cry. Freaking awesome.

I’m done whining, I promise!

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  1. Just a phase. Little Bear goes through the same thing regularly, where he is NOT a Daddy's boy at all. It has been a while since The Boy wasn't Daddy's, but that's a weird circumstance. It'll pass, and shell want nothing to do with Daddy for a while.