Wednesday, September 29, 2010

It's all about pretend games lately!

We are now well into the pretend phase. It is a lot of fun and very fascinating!

Here are some of the pretend games we have been playing the past month:

On the cruise, Ari and Daddy would sit on the balcony. She would pretend to put her seatbelt on and to help her Daddy put his on too.

The cereal game was created on the cruise, but we are still playing it. We get a bowl, a spoon, milk and cereal. She chooses the color of the bowl, big or little spoon, white or chocolate milk, and the type of cereal. Once she has assembled the pretend bowl of cereal, she dumps it on Daddy! First it was on his head. Lately, she dumps it on his bellybutton!

The shark game was inspired by Nana. A pretend shark shows up, out of the blue, anywhere. We could be at the dinner table, getting ready for bed, in the car, you name it… The shark attacks Daddy and Daddy has to try to get away. The game just evolved last night. Now there is a spray that makes the shark go away.

The other day we were having dinner at Bertucci’s, an Italian restaurant. Bertucci’s is very family-friendly. Kids get crayons and bread dough. Amor Chiquito made herself a bracelet and made a necklace for me. She managed to make a long enough necklace and put it around my neck. Later on, she grabbed my left hand and started wiping it with a piece of dough. Daddy noticed the dough had something red on it (a tiny piece of tomato). We were informed that I had a pretend booboo and she was helping me with it!

See what I’m saying;?!


  1. The Boy likes to put band-aids on, for no reason at all. It's really kind of funny and alarming - I'll come home and find him with, like, six band-aids on.

  2. @Musical Daddy, I've seen lots of kids his age that love band-aids. My neighbor has three kids. She goes through so many band-aids. Her kids put them on their dolls even! I can see why this behavior is funny and not funny at all to you, though. He has needed way too many band-aids in his short life. So I am guessing that sometimes you wonder what exactly he is thinking/remembering? I've said this ten times already, but I am so so glad that he is healthy and getting to do all the things a 3-year-old adorable imp should be doing!