Tuesday, December 29, 2009

We have three-word phrases and verbs!

We are moving up in the language world!

Amor Chiquito started saying three-word phrases about two weeks ago.

Her first three-word phrase: I yo you.

She has been saying it for over a month, but we did not count it because we figured she just learned it from us. She was not putting three words together herself.

Her second three-word phrase: no ‘ouse me.

Lately, when she realizes we are driving home, she says “no ‘ouse me, no ‘ouse me, nana ‘ouse, nana ‘ouse!”

She loves Nana, but Nana is two hours away, so we cannot just go see her. But Amor Chiquito does not understand that yet!

Her third/latest three-word phrase: no night-night me.

Last night, Amor Chiquito used all her tricks to avoid going to sleep: go to the potty, ask for milk, ask for socks, say she was hot… When nothing work, she sat up and said: “no night-night me”!

For what it is worth, she said “no night-night me,” but she stayed in bed, waiting for me to say yes or no. It could have been worse! She could have simply gotten out of bed, opened the door, and left her room.

Back to language, we are also hearing more verbs. When Amor Chiquito was re-evaluated for early intervention, about a month ago, she only had two verbs, which was disconcerting for the speech pathologist. Now, she has about seven verbs: eat, open, close, play, write, cut, clean, and, perhaps, some others I cannot remember right now.

We are making progress.

It is so cool to be able to communicate with our daughter better and better every day!

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