Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Mother's Day 2012

My last post was two months ago. Oops!

Making up for lost time. Here it goes!

Mother's Day this year was very low key but wonderful and beautiful. Ari understood what it was about and she had a lot of fun making plans with her dad. It was adorable!

The day before Mother's Day they went grocery shopping and came back with flowers. The funny thing is that daddy gets me flowers every now and then, a handful of them. He told Ari she could choose the flowers. And that she did! She picked a bouquet of 2 dozen flowers! You may want to rethink that next time, Daddy!

We had the flowers for three weeks. We would look at them almost every day. She would remember mother's day, would give me hugs, tell me how much she loves me, and how nice it was to pick out flowers for me.

On Mother's Day we went for a family bike ride.

As I said above, simple but definitely worth remembering. Some day, years from now, I'll be rereading old posts and I'll probably cry!

As for Father's Day, we are seeing friends we haven't seen in ages, we're doing a whale watch and we'll enjoy some pool time. Oh, and Daddy is very much enjoying his early present – a PS3. My husband is such a workaholic I argue in favor of games, contrary to what most women say they do.

More posts coming!

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