Wednesday, May 4, 2011

More protein, baby!

As I have mentioned before, Amor Chiquito is a self-proclaimed vegetarian! No idea where that came from. Her dad and I would never ever give up chicken for anything!

Amor Chiquito loves fruit, some vegetables, and some whole grains. I am trying to increase her protein intake. Here is how it is looking thus far:

Milk: She prefers chocolate milk. She has a small glass of chocolate milk before bed almost every night. I will be sending chocolate milk with her lunch instead of orange juice.

Yogurt: She wants to eat the sugary yogurts with kid characters on them. I am not such a big fan. I will be trying different yogurt options.

Cheese: She used to love American cheese, not so much lately. The only time I see her eating cheese is when she eats pizza. Come to think of it, she used to enjoy cream cheese. Perhaps I should try that again.

Eggs: Nope, no way. She loves to help Daddy make scrambled eggs, but she won’t try them.

Meats: The only time she eats any meat is at a Thai restaurant where she likes chicken satay (chicken on a stick!).

Nuts: Fortunately, we know that she is not allergic to any of them. Unfortunately, she is just not interested.

Nut butters: She absolutely hates peanut butter. I wish you could see her face! “That is so so yutty!”

Beans: She used to eat a bowl of just beans when she was about ten months! Now she won’t touch them. To be fair, perhaps, I should make beans more often so that she has more exposure.

She eats things like homemade waffles, which contain some whole wheat flour, eggs, milk and olive oil. But, as you can see, I am having a hard time getting proteins into her.

I would love any and all suggestions! What do you do? What has worked?


  1. The Greek yogurts are amazing - all protein, no fat. Thicker flavors, though. It's worth a shot. Both of my boys love them, but it's worth noting that my younger son would willingly eat food left on the floor for days, so that's not a ringing endorsement.

  2. Also, try some soy stuff - does she eat oatmeal? You could mix some soy protein powder into the oatmeal for some extra flavor and protein,

  3. I think that you should just buy the cheap packet of wooden skewers at the grocery store, and start cooking all of your meat on sticks. (Make sure to soak them first so they don't burn.) There are lots of marinades. Also, try kebabs with veggies mixed in. You could experiment too with proteins in wonton wrappers with veggies, as those are fun, or with burritos and other wraps where beans and cheese are mixed in with veg.

  4. Awesome ideas, thank you, both of you! We have some experimenting to do!