Monday, August 16, 2010

Pretend Play, Creativity and Imagination

Amor Chiquito is very much into pretend play lately. The other day, one of Geeky Entrepreneur’s ties was an anaconda, a seatbelt and a rope, all within half an hour.

Some of Ari’s favorite games lately:

Run after mom or dad with the anaconda, saying sss!

Tell mommy to “be a horse,” sit on mommy’s back, and put her seatbelt on! I am so glad that seatbelts are viewed as such a positive thing in our home!

I forget what the rope was for!

Oh, about an hour ago, a plastic bag became a magic carpet and a tie became a seatbelt. She was flying while Daddy hummed the song! Eventually, both her and daddy were flying together, sharing a magic carpet!

Many more stories, but I am blanking out right now.

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